Room Booking & Scheduling

Kramer KronoMeet is a key component of the Kramer meeting room ecosystem. We’ve combined a secure, enterprise class cloud-based platform, seamless integration with industry leading tools like Google® Calendar, Microsoft Office 365®, and Microsoft® Exchange along with intuitive on-wall touch panels all culminating in a scheduling and booking experience that’s easier than ever before.

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Taking Care of Who, When & Where

Some of the most productive meetings happen over a casual coffee. But, when something more formal is required and presentation and collaboration tools are a must, you’ll need a booking and scheduling tool that’s up to the task. Introducing Kramer KronoMeet.

Ready When You Are

Projectors powered on, lights dimmed, and shades lowered, it’s all automatic and it’s all thanks to Kramer KronoMeet and Kramer Control Integration. IT administrators easily author scenarios, room settings and device behavior that you trigger with your room booking. No more wasted time warming up or setting up – just show up and present.

Light the Way

Easily identify vacant meeting spaces with high visibility Room Availability Lighting. Kramer KronoMeet and Kramer Control automatically adjusts the lights to signal if rooms are available or booked. Customize any lighting solution to work with your specific décor.

On-Cloud Included

Kramer KronoMeet is all about Value - Valuing every minute of your meeting time and every bit of your budget. Other room scheduling tools may choose to charge extra for their cloud service, but Kramer KronoMeet delivers the flexibility to integrate, manage and monitor all your room scheduling touch panels located anywhere on the globe at no extra charge.

What About Security?

With TLS encryption on all communication to and from scheduling touch panels and the Kramer KronoMeet cloud-based server, you can rest assured that all your sensitive booking and scheduling information is completely secure.

UI That Works for You

Kramer KronoMeet comes loaded with a library of UI templates. Use one of our expertly designed interfaces or custom configure the layout of your touch panels to suit your specific needs.

Simple by Design

A well-designed UI is what separates a time saving tool from a tedious one. The Kramer KronoMeet intuitive interface makes on-the-spot booking a breeze. Simple meeting management and at-a-glance info are always at your fingertips and peering into the future to find your ideal meeting time and place is easier than a crystal ball.

Kramer KronoMeet Wins rAVe’s
Best of ISE 2019 Award

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